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Olympian Capital Markets Consulting, L.L.C. provides expert witness services to enable a significant advantage in arbitration, litigation and negotiations.  We are proud to have earned the trust of leading professionals through-out the United States.

It gives me great pleasure to recommend Michael J. Levas as an expert witness in the securities industry.  I have been practicing commercial litigation for over 20 years now, including securities litigation, and have, among other things, maintained an “AV Rating” in Martingale-Hubbell since 2003.  I have worked with Mr. Levas as an expert witness and would highly recommend him to any litigant (plaintiff or defendant) who requires a knowledgeable and credible expert on any matter relating to securities.

Mr. Levas has broad and in-depth knowledge of the securities industry, including the myriad customs and practices within the industry the numerous types of securities transactions; and the complex federal securities regulations.  He also has the ability to prepare accurate and persuasive analyses, including in the area of damages.  What is perhaps most striking about Mr. Levas is his credibility and persuasiveness as a witness, as well as his good-natured and personable demeanor.  In short, Mr. Levas has the type of personality that judges and juries both trust and like.  There are few expert witnesses in any area who have both specialized knowledge, and analytical abilities, on the one hand, and ht ability to communicate with and persuade people, on the other.  Mr. Levas is one of those experts who excels in both skill sets.

– John Y. Benford, BENFORD LAW FIRM, P.A. | Orlando, Florida

“I am an Assistant Federal Defender for the Southern District of Florida and I recently tried a case wherein the defendant was indicted for violations of the securities laws of the United States.  The allegations were that my client was involved in manipulation of the penny stock market for a “pump and dump” scheme, as it is known.  When I first received the case I had absolutely no knowledge of the world of securities at all.  I knew I need to retain an expert in the field to assist me in preparing the matter for trial.  I was referred to Michael Levas by a colleague of mine who spoke highly of Michael and had used his services in the past.

In short, Michael was fantastic.  We met on numerous occasions and he basically taught me everything I needed to know to challenge the FBI agent who had been working these type of cases for over twenty years.  More importantly, he gave me every bit of ammunition I needed in order to cross-examine the government informant who was a disgraced broker / trader who had been caught in his own fraudulent scheme and who set my client up in order to escape prison for his indictment.  Michael’s expertise and knowledge were critical in preparing me for the cross-examination of the informant / broker.  Without his assistance, I would have been lost.  With his help, I was able to make the informal look like the liar he was and my client was acquitted.  I am convinced that this result would not have been possible without Michael’s consultation and assistance.  I could not have asked for a better, more knowledgeable person to work with.  Furthermore, Michael was available to testify as an expert witness at the trial if that was needed.  In closing, I give Michael Levas the highest recommendation possible as someone to consult with in the areas of securities, stocks, commodities etc.”

-Timothy M. Day, Assistant Federal Public Defender | Southern District of Florida

Olympian Capital Markets Consulting, L.L.C. specializes in a range of expert witness services including:

    • Securities & Shareholder Litigation:  expert witness and advisory roles for stock, bond and commodities broker litigation.
    • Securities Case Consultation:  we provide a practitioners viewpoint to give you an independent opinion and answers for a comprehensive range of asset management questions.

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